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Self Awareness of the Mediator

Dates: 5 AUGUST 2024 | 18H00 – 20H00 


COST: R300/person

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves” – Carl Jung.

This workshop is designed to delve into the mediator’s self and its significance in mediation. The mediator’s self-awareness can either hinder progress or facilitate mutual understanding. We will discuss the concept of self-awareness, its relevance to the mediator, and practical strategies for its development. We will also address the barriers of self-awareness, how to overcome them, and how to effectively utilise self-awareness in the mediation process. The workshop is not just a lecture, but a platform for interactive dialogue and practical examples, ensuring a dynamic learning experience.

26 Aug & 2 Sep

Mediation Refresher Course 

Dates: 26 August & 2 September 2024 | 12 hours

(both days to be attended)

Venue: to be confirmed

COST: to be confirmed

The FAMAC 40-hour basic training manual has been keeping up with new developments in the mediation field. It has just been updated again with new information. The Refresher Course allows Accredited Mediators to revisit the basics and additional information that has been added to the training manual. We invite you to participate in the training. Each participant will receive a new FAMAC manual.

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